Cross Necklace For Ashes - Close Up View
Cross Cremation Jewelry - Necklace Draped Over Plate
Cross Necklace Opened To Show Where Ashes Go
Cross Cremation Jewelry - Shown as Worn

Cross Necklace For Ashes

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Behold this classic yet insanely stylish silver cross necklace for ashes made from high-quality stainless steel with perfect round edges for easy and comfortable on/off options.

Created with the aim to keep the love and blessing of god nearer to you all the time. The design of this cross cremation necklace is carefully implemented, keeping the simplicity of the orthodox cross with you so it can be carried gracefully everywhere you go.

Easily unscrew the top to access the inner chamber.  Fill it up with a small amount of ashes and screw the top back in.  You can then keep your loved one close to your heart forever.


  • Open and close screw for easy wearing
  • Made to last longer without losing its shine
  • Very comfortable on the neck
  • Water and sun resistant
  • Solid and does not change color or rust